What is Sparrow Chain

SparrowChain is a platform which is building key technologies based on Blockchain and Machine learning to solve problems in how people collaborate and work together.

We are following the best engineering practices to build features that have practical applications across various industries and sectors while ensuring they are decentralised, interoperable, cost efficient, seamless and trust less.


The Sparrowchain Platform can be accessed and used by any 3rd party to easily build products of their own on top of it, thereby saving them time and money.


SparrowChain is designed to act as an abstract layer on top of the complicated blockchain logic and our backend services. It ensures data integrity and user friendliness for dapp (decentralized app) development acting as a bridge between the blockchain networks, microservices and 3rd party services. The protocol will keep on evolving as we add new features that have practical applications and make them available to all. The current list of features are:

Smart Payment System

Multi currency payments supported through fiat as well as crypto. Built on Stellar network with 2-5 seconds transaction speed, with extremely safe and low cost. There is no worry about high gas fee and minutes of waiting. Platforms looking to build blockchain based fast and cheap payment solutions like wallets or just looking to add payments on their ecommerce platform can take advantage of this feature.

Escrow Smart Contract

Build trust and automate transaction by using multisig smart contract. Funds can be Locked with time bound and send automatically. Recovery period can be defined by multiple parties. This feature is useful for platforms dealing with multiparty transactions spread across diferent geographies like freelancing platforms.

Skillset Endorsement

Skill endorsement through tokens ensure honesty of the community and keeps the platform trustworthy. Once earned, skills are permanently recorded on Blockchain and can not be lost or taken away.
Skill has huge applications for the education industry, job industry, freelancing, gaming industry as well as other sectors where trustable skillset is of the highest importance.

Dispute Resolution Mechanism

Enables solving the biggest problem of any public/social platform by a fair and decentralised voting mechanism on blockchain network. Any public/social platform can take avantage of dispute resolution mechanism to make the paltform decentralised and trust worthy.

Machine Learning

Facilitate collaboration with ArtificialI Intelligence which analyse off-chain and on-chain data. Machine learning can be combined with other features like incentive system on various public platforms to make the platform better. It has applications in any online platform that deals with a lot of public data like social media platforms, content platforms, freelancing platforms etc

Reward System

Decentralised reward system which incentivise positive usage. An unbiased and trust worthy incentive system is very important to make any public platform reliable by rewarding good behaviour of users.

Hire Sparrow

Hire Sparrow is a collaboration dapp that is built on the Sparrowchain platform. It is a web and mobile based dapp which allows clients, freelancers and collaborators from around the world to come together and execute projects as a team. 

Universal Skill ID

Universal Skill ID is the second application that is built on SparrowChain Platform. This ID will act as your profile on Blockchain and will capture all the work done and skills earned by you as well as your financial transactions. 

Users can use the Universal Skill ID to apply for jobs as well as financial services or to showcase their experience on various online platforms. 

It can be accessed by any 3rd party platform like Upwork, Fiverr etc. to showcase the expertise. This will enable the freelancers to pick up work on any platform in addition to the Hire Sparrow and get relevant work matching their experience.

Sparrow Community

Sparrow Community is an online community of users who can come together to learn, share knowledge and build their Universal Skill Profile to attract jobs.

Sparrow University

Sparrow University is an online learning platform where users can enroll to online courses which will help them increase their professional knowledge, earn Skill Points as well as Certifications which reflect in their Universal Skill ID and Hire Sparrow Profile.


Mandeep Singh Josan
Founder & CEO
Michael Wong
C0-Founder & CTO
Vivek Giri
Business Operations
Varun Mantena
Freelance Community Building
Kranthi Vemulapati
Legal Advisor
Krishnendu Ghata
Advisor (Technical)
Keith Chan
Lead Development
Mike Yeung
Frontend Engineer
Richard Cheung
Swarup Karavadi
Advisor (Technical)
Island Kon
Blockchain Advisor
Sandeep Singh Josan
Legal Advisor
Venkatesh Chowdary
Financial Advisor


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